About Dr. Lucky, PhD

THE DOCTOR IS IN!  Welcome to the wonderful world of Dr. Lucky, the World’s Premiere Ph(Double)D!  I have been a burlesque performer, host, producer, and educator for over two decades, and there are lots of exciting things on the horizon!

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In The News
Dr. Lucky has been featured in Bust magazine, NPR’s Marc Steiner Show, NPR’s Morning Edition, The New York Times, NY1, AMPM (NY), Metro (Philadephia), Washington Post, Washington Blade, Village Voice, Express (DC), The Toronto Star, Washington Square News, Time.com, The WIC, Bizarre, L Magazine, and many more. She has been featured in documentaries including Faux Real and 5’2″ and Showy.  She has appeared on Big Think, NY1, and WCTV’s critically acclaimed Chronicle, among others.  In 2014, she was awarded an Artist in Residency at Coney Island USA.  For more press, visit “In the News.

On Stage
Dr. Lucky has become a regular fixture in New York City clubs and theatres and has performed at PS 122, Coney Island’s Sideshow by the Seashore, Dance Theater Workshop,WOW Cafe, Dixon Place, Collective Un:Conscious, The Laurie Berchman Theatre, Theatre for the New City, Jane Stree Theatre, Manhattan Theatre Source,  Galapagos Art Space, Slipper Room, Highline Ballroom, The Zipper Theatre, Le Poisson Rouge, BB Kings, The Supper Club, Crobar, Avalon, Bowery Ballroom, the Marquees, Marion’s, Cutting Room, Rafiffi, The Stonewall, Triad Theatre, Lillie’s, The Producer’s Club, Lanski Lounge, Swing 46, Lotus, and a host of others.

Career highlights include crowd surfing at the New York Burlesque Festival, playing “Big Edie” in Bambi the Mermaid’s Gray Garden’s Tribute, and TPing the stage while sitting atop a giant gold toilet at a theatre on 42nd Street in NYC.

Host & Headliner Dr. Lucky has headlined and hosted at the Helsinki Burlesque Festival (2016), Southwest Burlesque Showcase (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018), Key West Burlesque Festival (2011), Toronto Burlesque Festival (2009, 2010, and 2012), and the New York Burlesque Festival (2007, 2013-2917), which she has performed at every year since its inception.  She performed at the Miss Exotic World Competition in 2006 and 2007, and co-hosted the Legends night with the World Famous *BOB* (2008-2010).  She has performed at numerous Virgin Music Festivals, the Treasure Island Music Festival, and The Rothbary Music Festival where she shared the stage with the Flaming Lips.

Theatre & Other Collaborations
Dr. Lucky co-created “Dial P for Pasties” with Bradford Scobie and Trixie Little & The Evil Hate Monkey, an original, full-length, 4 performer murder mystery show that premiered at the Washington DC Fringe Festival and was performed at the ANT Festival in NYC, as well as numerous theatres up and down the Eastern Seabord to standing ovations and critical acclaim.  Dr. Lucky is honored to have performed in a number of original workds by Julie Atlas Muz, including “Rites of Spring” (DTW, part of the Whitney Biennial), “Divine Comedy of an Exquisite Corpose” (PS 122), as well as performances at the Dietch Project, The Jane Street Theatre, and many others.  She is honored to be included in many of Bambi the Mermaid’s twisted brand of genius at the Burlesque by the Beach series.

Producer & Curator
Dr. Lucky has produced shows and curated performances at Coney Island Sideshow by the Seashore, Galapagos Art Space, Le Poisson Rouge, Red Palace, Palace of Wonders, Roxy ‘n Dukes, The Slipper Room, and many others.  Shows she has prodcued have been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post,  The Washington Blade, Next, Time Out New York, The Village Voice, Animal, AM/PM, and many other press from mainstream to the alternative.

At Coney Island’s Burlesque by the Beach, she has brought “Surrealist Burlesque” to the stage since 2009 with shows that include:  “Phantasmagoria:  A Land Where All The Monsters Are Beauties and All The Beauties are Monsters,” “20,000 Legs Under the Sea:  A Surrealist Burlesque Manifesto,” “Animal Funhouse:  Surrealist Burlesque” based on George Orwell’s Animal Farm, and “Society of the Spectacular”, an intimate theatre experience based on Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle, the “Dada Ball,” and “Flaming Creatures” based on Jack Smith’s experimental gender bending film from the early 1960s.

Some of her evening-length shows at Galapagos Art Space included “American Beauty: the 2004 Election” which featured an installation art “voting booth” constructed out of Village Voice “escort” pages in the shape of an American flag as well as countless holiday and themed shows.  Other evening-length shows include her “Dr. Lucky’s School of Burlesque” which features a lecture on the history of burlesque with original dances, skits, and acts performances by her NYU students. In 2006, she conceived and performed a 12-hour durational performance art piece in the Coney IslandMuseumentitled “Coney Islandand Spectacle as Total-Body Experience – A 12-Hour Academic Spectacular in Which We Find Our Heroine Chained to a Podium for an Interminable Period, With All the Agony and Sublime Joy That This Might Entail.”

For years she co-produced a monthly show with Julie Atlaz Muz, “Wanted!  Wild Bandits of Burlesque” at Rodeo Bar in NYC that was featured in Bust Magazine, Next Magazine, and Time Out New York.  She produced Ball Drop, the sold out New Year’s Eve spectacular for the Red Palace three years in a row. Her New Year’s Eve 2007 “Burlesque O-Teque” (for Public Assembly) was selected as the #1 Pick for “New Year’s Eve in New York: Avoiding Times Square”! She co-produces “Party in a Box Burlesque,” a full night of entertainment with three performers and a clown car.  She is the master mind and producer behind Sin-O-Rama, an evening of blue burlesque starring the brightest and bawdiest stars of burlesque which premiered at the Palace of Wonders inWashington DC and was met with critical acclaim and the occasional threat from police for “indecency”.

Dr. Lucky has been teaching “The History of American Burlesque” to New York University Undergraduate Drama students since 2005. She teaches the students how to think critically about burlesque and how to take their clothes off (that’s right, for credit!).  She has taught burlesque at NYU, MICA, CUNY, Exotic World (aka Burlesque Hall of Fame), the New York School of Burlesque, BurlyCon, Movement Research, and many many others.  In 2010, she went on a West Coast Teaching Tour of 5 cities, and continues to teach around the globe.  Hailed as “The Stanislavski of Burlesque,” her unique approach to teaching combines training in theatre, clowning, bouffoon, dance, and improvisation, as well as in teaching pedagogy to help students find their own unique voice, movement vocabulary, and persona.

Smarty Pants
On the cerebral side, Dr. Lucky’s alto ego has published and presents regularly at academic conferences.  Her peer-reviewed academic publications include work in the Journal of American Theatre & Drama and The Journal of Popular Culture.  To see a list of her academic papers, scroll down to her List of Lectures.  See her article, “‘It is the Ugly that is so Beautiful'”:  Performing the Monster/Beauty Continuum in Neo Burlesque,” for a sample of her academic writing.

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