“Performing the Burlesque Body:  The Explicit Female Body as Palimpsest,” Popular Performance, Ed. by Adam Ainsworth, Oliver Double, and Louise Peacock.  sally — explicit body as palimpsest

“‘It is the Ugly that is so Beautiful’:  Performing the Monster/Beauty Continuum in American Neo Burlesque,” published in the Journal of American Drama and Theatre (Winter, 2009)  monster beauty article

Dr. Lucky’s essay, “A Phenomenological Analysis of the State of Burlesque,” published by 21st Century Burlesque.

Dr. Lucky’s “What to Expect at a “Typical” Burlesque Show” published by 21st Century Burlesque.

Dr. Lucky had the bittersweet task of writing Dixie’s Obituary for Dixie Evans Week and for The Burlesque Hall of Fame.  She is the author of Days with Dixie, a book-length manuscript about Dixie Evans.

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