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Dr. Lucky lectures and practicum workshops have been featured at New York University, CUNY, MICA, University of Philadelphia, Burlesque Hall of Fame (formerly Miss Exotic World), The New York School of Burlesque, BurlyCon, Movement Research, City Paper (Washington, DC), Toronto Burlesque Festival, Southwest Burlesque Showcase, Palace of Wonders, Performance Studies International, Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, North East Popular Culture Association, and the Carnal Knowledge Conference, among others.   Dr. Lucky’s West Coast Teaching Tour brought her to Victoria, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.  She is the curator of Camp Camp, a weekend intensive dedicated to performers honing their craft while exploring their campy side.

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The Never Thought School Would be Like This!

The Never Thought School Would be Like This!



Practicum/Performance Workshops Taught:

  • Act Development (Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced)
  • Persona and Character Development
  • Drop the Mic:  A Crash Course in Hosting (all levels)
  • #NextLevel (all levels, professionalization course)
  • Bigger, Better, Bolder on Stage & Off
  • Narrative Burlesque:  Telling an Engaging Story on Stage
  • Connecting to the Audience
  • Clowns & Drag Queens:  Makeup for the Stage
  • The Bigger the Hair, the Closer to Jesus:  Wig Styling & Care
  • Theatre for Burlesque
  • Clown is to Showgirl What Buffoon is to Burlesque
  • Pastie Making and Tassel Twirling
  • Burlesque Moves & Choreography
  • Act Feedback (Prviate & Group)
  • Burlesque for the Boudoir (Introduction class for non performers)
  • Pilates (Certified Beginner and Intermediate, Training in Special Needs, Power Pilates)

Dr. Lucky has taught the above workshops in New York City, Washington DC, Helsinki, Finland, Las Vegas, Toronto, Victoria (BC), San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Albuquerque, Olympia, Silver Springs, Richmond (VA), Beacon (NY), and Truth or Consequences.
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  • “Going Gaga:  The Female Body as Palimpsest” (Southwest PCA/ACA, 2014)
  • “Why Dance Needs Burlesque:  Humor, Social Parody, and Gender Ideals as Drag” (PCA/ACA. 2011)
  • “Performing Gender Ideals and Female Female Impersonators:  Dixie Evans, the Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque” (Marist Women’s Studies Conference, 2010)
  • ““Bigger, Better, Brighter (and Bawdier!) in ’40:  World’s Fairs and World Wars” (PCA/ACA, 2010)
  •  “‘Is that a Dude?’:  Performing Gender, Gender Performativity,” (BurlyCon, 2009)
  • “Naked as the New ‘Ethnological Village’:  In Situ Display at the Century of Progress Expositions” (PCA/ACA, 2009)
  • “What is Burlesque; What is Burlesque; What is Burlesque?”  (CUNY, 2009;Toronto Burlesque Festival, 2009)
  • “History of American Burlesque, 1860s-1930s,” (BurlyCon, 2008)
  • “‘It is the Ugly that is so Beautiful’:  Performing the Monster/Beauty Continuum in Neo-Burlesque” (Carnal Knowledge Conference, 2007; PSi International, 2008; CUNY, 2008)
  •  “Performing Naked Ladies on the Gayway and the Amusement Zone at theGolden GateInternational Exposition and theNew YorkWorlds Fair, 1939-40” (PCA/ACA, 2008)
  • “Ephemeral Scenes:  Unveiling the Female Form at World’s Fairs” (PCA/ACA, 2007)
  •  “Girls! Girls! Girls!  The World of Tomorrow” at the New York World’s Fairs, 1939-40 (NEPCA, 2005; Exotic World, 2006)

Class Lectures:

  • Emergence of American Burlesque: LydiaThompson and the British Blondes
  • Burlesque Influences:  Vaudeville, Minstrelsy and Feminized Spectacle
  • Commodification of the Exotic and World’s Fairs:  Little Egypt, Salome, Loie Fuller, & Ruth St. Denis
  • “Burlesque at Century’s End”:  Wheels, Working Class and Women’s World(s)
  • Glorifying the American Girl:  The Birth of the Ziegfeld Show Girl
  • Minsky’s Burlesque & Burlesque on theBig White Way
  • Outlawing Burlesque inNew York City:  Moral Reform & The Midway
  • Burlesque goes Visual:  Burlesque Films, Pin Up & Patriotism
  • Performing Personas & TheQueensof Burlesque:  Gypsy Rose Lee
  • Demystifying Striptease in Strip Clubs
  • “Mother Camp”:  Drag & Burlesque
  • Performing Gender & Gender Performativity in Neo-Burlesque

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Student Feedback

  • “The professor I’ve had atNew YorkUniversity.  She was captivating, intelligent, and funny.”
  • “Best teacher I’ve had atNew YorkUniversity.  She was organized, understanding, fun, thrilling, inspirational, and extremely intelligent.”
  • “She made learning FUN.”
  • “She was very personable, passionate, and cared for her students.”
  • “She was enlightening.  Her command of the class and the information was amazing.  She was inspirational.”
  • “The instructor had a complete understanding of what she knows and willingness to share it all while admitting that she doesn’t know everything and willingness to learn new things from her students.”
  • “One of the most fun and productive workshops I’ve taken in my already long life.”
  • “This class was life affirming.  I don’t know if I’ve ever had so much fun in a class at NYU.  Also I don’t know if I’ve ever had my eyes widened as much as they have (literally and figuratively).”
  • “This class absolutely exceeded my expectations.”
  • “I’ve learned so much in the past six weeks, not just about burlesque, but also about how to be more courageous as a person and performer.”
  • “The instructor was fantastic!  Amazing ability to provide specific and hugely effective pointers/tips/feedback.”
  • “The instructor was inspiring and constructive.”
  • “She’s smart, innovative, and in a class of her own.”
  • “The instructor was completely honest and frank with us, yet earnest and fun!”
  • “The instructor was fantastic, honest, tough, critical, loving, encouraging, and inspiring.”
  • “This was the most fucking fun I’ve ever had!  I love Lucky!”

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