Camp Camp of Seasons Past

Dr. Lucky began hosting Camp Camp—a sleepaway-camp with a focus on showgirl camp—in 2013. Camp Camp has always celebrated experts in the field of burlesque, both on stage and off. Some past CAMP CAMP offerings include:

CAMP CAMP with DIRTY MARTINI, 8/3-8/5/16

w/synchronized swimming class from Heather Whatever!

CAMP CAMP with DIRTY MARTINI, 7/10/15-7/12/15

CAMP CAMP Performance Edition, 7/4/14-7/6/14

w/Guest Teacher LUX LACROIX
w/makeup class from ISIS VERMOUTH!

CAMP CAMP Session II, 8/15-8/17/14

w/Guest Teacher ANGIE PONTANI
w/crafting class from SUGAR SHAGMORE

CAMP CAMP  Session I, 6/20/14-6/22/14

w/wig & makeup classes from GINGER SNAPS

CAMP CAMP 2013 with Guest Teaching Artists MsTickle & Peekaboo Pointe

The inaugural edition of Camp Camp in Summer 2013 was a huge success!  With Guest Teachers MsTickle and Peekaboo Pointe, a house full of amazing, talented, beautiful women, a kitchen full of locally grown produce and delicious healthy snacks, all set within a beautiful get away landscape, Camp Camp is an experiential weekend away NOT to be missed!


Camp Camp features over 20 hours of classes and activities from Friday night to Sunday evening! Classes in act development, costuming, crafting, hair & makeup, character development, choreography, movement, and professionalization . Most classes are practicum/hands on, some lecture/presentation.  Bonding activities include cocktail hour, swimming, hiking, healthy meals, outdoor dining, and movie nights.

Here’s a select sample of Camp Camp courses taught in the past:

  • Where do I &#@#ing Start?! New Act development techniques (Dirty Martini)
  • Professionalization:  Booking and Touring (Lux La Croix)
  • History of Burlesque:  An Animated Lecture (Dr. Lucky)
  • Drag it Up: Stage Makeup for Ladies and Lady-Boys (Ginger Snaps)
  • Connecting to the Audience (Dr. Lucky)
  • Bringing Sexy Back (Kristina Neykia)
  • Bigger, Better, Bolder Onstage and Off (Dr. Lucky)
  • Choreography & Musicality (Lux La Croix)
  • Professionalization:  Applying to Festivals & Getting Booked (Angie Pontani)
  • Peer Review Act Feedback (Dr. Lucky)
  • Creating Couture Costumes (on a DIME!) (Angie Pontani)
  • Narrative Burlesque: Telling an Engaging Story on Stage (Dr. Lucky)
  • Booty Bounce Water Aerobics (Peekaboo Pointe)
  • Circus Style Flexibility (Kristina Neykia)
  • More is More and Less is Less:  Makeup & Hair (Dr. Lucky)
  • Burlesque Bra on a Budget (Sugar Shagmore)
  • Stage Presence (Dirty Martini)
  • Costuming with MsTickle (MsTickle)
  • MOVEMENT Workshop:  Using Your Breath (Peekaboo Pointe)
  • The Dr. is IN: Wig MD (Dr. Lucky)
  • Struts ‘n Bumps ‘n Grinds (Angie Pontani)
  • Learning from Legends: Fucking Curtains, Costuming, & MORE!  (Dr. Lucky)
  • DIRTY SECRETS:  Wigs & Makeup (Dirty Martini)
  • How to Cheat Choreography 101: Mapping Music & Chunking Your Act (Dr. Lucky)
  • Beyond the Bump and Grind (Dirty Martini)
  • The Current State of Burlesque:  A Discussion