Spend the Night with Dr. Lucky!

An Intimate Evening of Lecture & Discussion from the World’s Premiere Doctor of Burlesque

Victoria, BC
Saturday, June 11, 2011
7 to 9 pm, $10
Solstice Café
529 Pandora Avenue

During the “golden age of burlesque,” a woman who spoke on stage was such an anomaly that her role was given the designator “the talking woman.”  Times have changed, and it’s hard to keep neo-burlesque performers from expressing their opinions both onstage and off.  In a whirlwind lecture both entertaining and educational, Dr. Lucky covers the history of burlesque, trends in the neo-burlesque movement, and what these art forms signify in our popular culture.  Dr. Lucky has been teaching the History of American Burlesque atNew YorkUniversitysince 2005, and tonight’s condensed version of that course will be popping with anecdotes, fun details, and the occasional dirty joke or two.   The lecture will be followed by a question and answer period, so bring it on,Victoria!  Learning never looked so good!

 In the spirit of burlesque, the audience is invited to play dress up, too.  Suggested dress:  Catholic school girl/boy; sexy teacher; misfits; cheerleaders & jocks; animal mascots; nerds; “Most Likely to…”

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