Intermediate/Advanced Act Development

Act Development Intensive

Two Saturdays
With an optional performance opportunity

Come play, work, and sharpen your acts in this two-day intensive version of Dr. Lucky’s popular Intermediate/Advanced Act Development Series!

Intended for burlesque babes to workshop, give and get feedback, and improve your overall performance gumption!  Conducted in a safe, productive environment to help YOU get to the next level!  Class is limited to 8 participants.

Questions?  Email

Details below are for Dr. Lucky‘s
Intermediate Act Development Series at the
New York School of Burlesque!


Intermediate Act Development Class

The bar has been raised in the wonderful world of burlesque and now you’re wondering how to climb over it.  This workshop is intended to give burlesque performers with experience a chance to develop their acts, increase their professionalism, and add to their “tricks of the trade.”  The class will focus on act development and feedback, exercises and improvisations to hone your performance skills.  This weekend intensive version of the series is intended to help you develop your individual performance style while helping you rid yourself of bad performance habits.  By giving and receiving constructive feedback, we will create a safe and productive environment to help us get to the next level of performance.  Performance experience required.

Intended for performers who have at least 2 years performance experience, or at least one year of performance experience and have taken the Persona & Act Development Intensive.   Email questions to Dr. Lucky @

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