I’m very honored to be an Invited Teacher at this year’s BurlyCon Convention in Seattle!  I’ve been asked to teach 4 classes and speak on a panel.  My classes are 1) “The Explicit Body as Palimpsest” (a lecture on feminism and burlesque using Jack Halberstam’s Gaga Feminism to think through the multiple meanings of the explicit female body on stage); 2)  a Roundtable discussion on “Teasing Theories”; 3) a workshop on “Teaching for New Teachers” (geared towards newer teachers or those considering teaching); 4) a workshop on “Teaching for Teachers” (for experienced teachers, this class will use educational models to help us create better classes); 5) my signature “Persona & Act Development” course (a hands-on movement workshop).  The lecture and roundtable are one hour, and the other three classes are 1.5 hours.  A full schedule can be found at http://www.burlycon.org.


1.  Bloom’s Taxonomy


2.  Learning Outcomes:  Active Verbs


#1 and #2 together in WORD: bloom taxonomy chart and verbs

3.  Sample Evaluation Rubrics   evals for BC

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